Apex Legends Streamer Shroud Plays Right Through an Earthquake

If you live somewhere in North America or have been tuned into worldy news about earthquakes, you’ll probably already know that Southern California got hit with some serious tremors over the weekend. Two earthquakes hit the area within a short period of time, one of them ranking a 6.4 on the Richter Scale and the other a 7.1. Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek was among the many individuals who were affected by the quakes, though he wasn’t quite affected enough to warrant stopping his Apex Legends stream.

The clip below that shows Shroud playing Apex Legends over the weekend depicts the moment when one of the earthquakes hit the area. Full of expletives and unsure of what to do, Shroud and his teammates all said that they could feel the quakes regardless of where they were playing from. Shroud and the rest of his group asked “What do we do?” while Twitch chat chimed in with their own responses that ranged from saying “RIP Shroud” to telling him to get under the table.

In response to his own questions asking what to do, the answer from Shroud and the other players was to just continue playing. The trio said they should keep playing through it with one of them saying “Mother Nature ain’t stopping me today.” With Shroud’s camera, their monitors, and other objects in the streamer’s space shaking due to the earthquake, the three continued their drop into the Apex Arena and headed towards the Market.


Shroud took to Twitter with just one tweet that pretty much summed up the events of the clip above.

While the earthquakes are gone – at least for now – the new content that’s come to Apex Legends with the start of Season 2 is still on the way. Much of that content and those changes have already been implemented when the season began such as Wattson, a new Legend to play as, and some of it is still to come. There’s also some Twitch Loot that’s now enabled on the streaming platform for anyone who is a Twitch Prime subscriber, though you can only get one of those rewards at the moment. The rest of them will come later, assuming you stay subscribed to Twitch Prime throughout the promotion’s duration.