Nintendo Switch Games Will Indicate Nintendo Switch Lite Compatibility

Now that the Nintendo Switch Lite has officially been revealed by Nintendo, fans of the already established Nintendo Switch have all sorts of questions regarding the upcoming device. We already know that it does not work with the dock for the original portable console, it does have a longer-lasting battery, it's not a 3DS replacement, and much more. Of course, one major thing that fans would love to know is about the video games that will be available on the upcoming device, and while many might think all of the titles currently available on Switch will be playable on Switch Lite, it appears that they would be correct.

Of course, with the Nintendo Switch Lite only being able to play games in handheld mode, some titles might prove to be an issue. The way players will be able to know which games support handheld mode is by an icon of the Switch in said mode. This icon will indicate that the game can be played as is without the need for anything else.

For games that do not support handheld mode, there will still be a way to play them on the Nintendo Switch Lite through the use of compatible controllers. According to Nintendo's website, "players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite. If using separate Joy-Con controllers, users will need to have a device to recharge them, such as the Joy-Con Charging Grip."

Nintendo Switch Lite Game Compatability
(Photo: Nintendo)

For those who don't know yet, the Nintendo Switch Lite is similar to the original Switch, but it does not have removable Joy-Cons, it's smaller, and it costs less. As stated by Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, it's not meant to replace the current Switch. "Adding Nintendo Switch Lite to the lineup gives gamers more color and price point options," Bowser said in a press release. "Now consumers can choose the system that best suits how they like to play their favorite Nintendo Switch games."


The Nintendo Switch Lite will be releasing on September 20th for $199.99. For even more on what to expect from the upcoming device, check out some of our previous coverage.

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