Man of Medan Announces Multiplayer Modes

Bandai Namco announced recently that it’s decision-driven game The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan will have two multiplayer modes players can take part in either online or offline. The cinematic horror game can be played by either two players online or up to five players offline as each one takes control of a different character to make decisions that’ll impact others. Supermassive Games and Bandai released the trailer above as well as more details on how the modes will work.

If you played Until Dawn, you’ll already know that Supermassive’s narrative-based games have a bunch of characters and even more potential endings depending on the decisions these characters make. While Until Dawn was only playable by one person at a time, people turned it into a multiplayer game anyway by sharing the responsibilities between several people. Man of Medan makes that easier with its two multiplayer modes.

In a press release about the two modes, Bandai broke down the details of the online Shared Story Mode and the offline Movie Night Mode.

Shared Story Mode

  • Share the story simultaneously with a friend in two-player online co-op
  • Both players explore the world, make choices and perform actions that affect the outcome of the story and the fate of their respective characters
  • Traverse scenes through a different perspective from the single-player experience—sometimes together, sometimes apart—in totally separate scenes revealing new information, locations and scares

Movie Night Mode

  • Play locally in a group of up to five players with one controller, with each player taking charge of the movement, decisions and choices of one of the five main characters
  • Players can choose between saving themselves, or trying to keep their friends’ characters alive
  • At the end of each playthrough, actions and impacts will be judged – with achievements & rewards for each player

Pete Samuels, the series director and executive producer at Supermassive Games, offered some insights into why the multiplayer modes were added.

“Each mode is different but both have been influenced by our experience with Until Dawn,” Samuels said. “When Until Dawn released we were surprised and delighted by how many people were streaming the game. We’ve had around 1 billion views on YouTube alone. We’d also get plenty of people telling us how much they enjoyed playing the game together with friends on the couch. These both fed into the initial design of The Dark Pictures Anthology and we decided that along with story, characters, and cinematic production values, multiplayer should be core to the series. In short, we have built The Dark Pictures Anthology from the ground up with multiplayer in mind.”

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on August 30th.