Warframe's New Cinematic Intro Is a Stylish Visual Treat From Uncharted Director Dan Trachtenberg

Warframe, the looting-and-shooting MMO from the fine folks at Digital Extremes, recently held its annual fan festival, TennoCon, and revealed a slew of upcoming details about the video game. According to the developer, TennoCon 2019 set viewership records, and more than 490,000 concurrent viewers tuned in to check out the event's closing keynote. Even so, the game rarely gets the spotlight on it like other related fare such as Destiny 2. But Destiny 2 doesn't have a new cinematic introduction directed by Uncharted's Dan Trachtenberg, does it?

The new cinematic introduction was introduced as part of TennoCon 2019, which was held earlier this month, and it hits in large part on the backstory of the video game in order to provide a new foundation for new players to start from going forward. If you're not already familiar with Warframe and its lore, that's totally fine as it's meant to, again, introduce it to new folks, but those that have been playing for some time will likely get even more out of it.

Here's how Warframe describes the new cinematic introduction to its universe in a press release:

"This stunning re-imagination of the game's introductory story presents Trachtenberg's and Digital Extremes' vision of an older era in the Warframe universe. In the Old War -- the Orokin Era -- when the original Warframes rebelled against their Orokin masters, flashback scenes depict them in battle against Dax Warriors in action scenes with proto-Grineer soldiers looming in the background."


In addition to the new introduction to the video game, TennoCon 2019 also saw a 30-minute live demo of the upcoming Warframe expansion, Empyrean. One heavily anticipated feature of the new expansion is expanded deep space combat. It's unclear when exactly Empyrean might launch, but it should be before the end of 2019.

What do you think about the new cinematic Warframe intro? Does the fact that Trachtenberg do anything for you, or would you prefer something a little more straightforward? Let us know in the comments!