Twitch, Fortnite Viewership Down in Q2 2019

Fortnite Twitch Viewership

There is no denying that Twitch is the biggest name in the streaming industry, and certainly the most popular destination for those who wish to share their gameplay with others. Of course, it's not just video games being streamed across the platform, but one title in particular has definitely dominated the website for the past year. Epic Games' massively popular battle royale game has not only taken over Twitch, but the gaming community at large. That said, it would appear that the past few months have not been particularly kind to Fortnite or Twitch as viewership is down for both.

As reported by Streamlabs, with the assistance of Newzoo, we now know that viewership was down across Twitch during Q2 2019. According to them, 55 million less hours were watched on Twitch during Q2, which is a 2% decrease from Q1 2019. While this isn't the most significant drop, and certainly not one that is harmful to the platform, it is a drop nonetheless. In addition to this, 10% less hours were streamed during the second quarter of 2019. Here are a few more stats:

  • CCV has dropped 3% from the previous quarter to 1.24M concurrent viewers
  • 4.8M channels streamed on the platform, nearly 1M fewer channels compared to Q1
  • Average viewers per channel have increased by 9.4% in Q2 for an average of 28.6 viewers per channel

Fortnite was still the most watched video game on Twitch in Q2 2019, coming in at 294.2 million hours watched. This is down from 304.6 million hours watched in Q1, and the fourth quarter in a row that viewership has declined. However, Epic Games was not the most watched publisher for the first time since Q2 2018. With the release of TeamFight Tactics, combined with League of Legends, Riot Games was able to surpass Epic as the most watched publisher in Q2 2019.

So, what has caused both Twitch and Fortnite to drop in viewership? Well, it could be a number of things. It might have something to do with the fact that there were nearly one million less channels that streamed in Q2 than there were in Q1 2019. There's also the possibility that people could be getting bored with the massively popular battle royale title. Either way, neither Twitch or Epic Games are hurting.

What do you think about all of this? What do you believe could be the reason behind the decline in viewership over the past few months? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!