Red Dead Online: Here's What's New In This Week's Update

red dead online
(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Red Dead Online players on PS4 and Xbox One have some new content and goodies to look forward to for this week. More specifically, this week the bond between horse and rider is the focus with a free Horse Care Package that Rockstar Games is giving out simply for playing the open-world western. Further, there's a variety of new content and discounts that players can take advantage. Here's the breakdown:

New Clothing:

As Rockstar Games so eloquently puts, riders on the frontier should look good while doing their cowboy things. It's what separates you from the average O'driscoll. For this week, Rockstar has added a selection of new items to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.

"Shield your scalp with the stylishly wide brim of the Descoteaux Hat, don some hardwearing hide from south of the border with the Alvarado Chaps, and strap a pair of elegant Gerden Morrow Spurs to your boots to complete the ensemble. All three items are permanent additions to the catalogue, starting this week."

Meanwhile, the good ol' Cossack Hat is also still available, and will be for the remainder of the week. It's good for cold weather, in other words, hunting trips in the Grizzlies.

red dead online 1
(Photo: Rockstar Games)


For this week, riders looking for new horses have struck gold. Not really, because the horse prices are still a bit expensive, but for this week, stables across the states are offering 20 percent off stable spaces and all horses under Rank 40.

Horse Care Package:

All players will receive a Horse Care Package, which includes horse reviver, two horse medicine, two horse stimulants, five oatcakes, five carrots, and five hay.


And that's it, for this week. Red Dead Online is available, for free, for anyone who owns Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC or next-gen systems, but the former has leaked a few times, suggesting it's in the pipeline and coming soon.

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