Netflix's The Witcher Trailer Reveals A Familiar Monster

The latest trailer for the much anticipated Witcher Netflix TV series has finally dropped. As a result of its panel at San Diego Comic-Con, a first look was given to Henry Cavill's Geralt in motion and the mystical, dangerous world that he inhabits. One of the standouts of the trailer was a giant spider like creature that emerges from the swamp at the tail end of the teaser, with Geralt having to unlock his hidden abilities, it seems, to take it down. While it has yet to be confirmed, we think we know which monster this spider may be!

The spider in question bares a striking resemblance to the "Arachnomorph", a giant arachnid that tends to make its home in swamps and various other terrifying locations. These creatures didn't make their appearances in the third game of the series proper but they did appear in its DLC bonuses: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine respectively.

Witcher Spider
(Photo: Netflix)

Geralt, much like was the case with every other beast he encountered in the trilogy, took extensive notes in his journal about the Arachnomorph that can be read here:

"A similar saying could gain ground in our land concerning arachnomorphs and everything unable to flee them – meaning most every creature in the world. True, the tillers of the earth and fellers of trees need not fear them in their daily labors, for arachnomorphs, as distant, post-Conjunction cousins of common spiders, strongly prefer deep, dark caves and unfrequented sodden swamps. Anyone who does come across them, however, had best hope his conscience is clear and his worldly affairs are in order, for his life shall soon end, as not even the fastest man in the world can outrun them and only a few witchers can hope to slay them. Even worse are the more aggressive and dangerous kind known as arachnomorph colossi, which are capable of devouring an entire ox in seconds."


While giant spiders are a dime a dozen in most fantasy stories, the Arachnomorph differentiates itself by living directly in swamps and sometimes in dark caves. Needless to say, it's a terrifying villain that is a handful for the players of the Witcher itself, so we're sure to see a tough battle in Geralt's television future.

Do you think that this creature is indeed the Arachnomorph from the Witcher 3's DLC? What other monsters would you like to see make appearances in the Netflix television series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or go ahead and hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, gaming, and Witching!