Surreal Dreamcrawling Board Game Etherfields Announced

A unique new board game will explore a surreal dreamscape that threatens to trap players forever. Awaken Realms, a popular board game developer responsible for two of the ten top board game Kickstarters of all time, has announced Etherfields, a new "dreamcrawler" board game. The new game is a fully cooperative campaign experience for one to four players, set within the strange world of dreams. Players have to collect resources and build a deck of abilities and items to explore an ever-shifting map to find a way to regain your bodies and escape back to the real world.

While the game's core mechanic involves deckbuilding and deck management, the game also seems to involve a lot of puzzle solving and exploration. When players enter a new dream, they can discover secret passages or hidden clues that can help them collect the keys needed to eventually escape the dream world for good. The game also has a branching storyline that will allow for multiple playthroughs, as decisions made throughout the campaign will radically impact future storylines.

Awaken Realms is known for its stunning miniatures, and Etherfields contains what looks to be some of their strongest work yet. The game contains massive miniatures of various dream creatures that look both hauntingly beautiful and uniquely dangerous.


The Kickstarter for Etherfields has already raised over $2 million. Backers can pledge about $95 to receive the core Etherfields game, or pledge about $150 for both the core game and a Creatures of Etherfields expansion that contains additional miniatures.

You can check out the full Etherfields Kickstarter here. The Kickstarter will remain live through August 8th, with an expected fulfillment date of early 2020.