Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's Community Day Is Live, Here's What's Happening

This months’ Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day is now underway across all regions the game is available in with bonuses like extra experience and better potions live until the event ends. When it’ll end depends on where you’re playing, but everyone gets the same bonuses. The latest announcement from the game’s official Twitter account confirmed that the event is now live in the Americas and Greenland, and players have already been sharing their photos of Wizards Unite meetups as players gather for the Community Day.

Announced last week, Niantic previewed what was in store for Wizards Unite players with a post on the game’s blog. That post detailed all the potion and ingredient bonuses as well as the start times for the Community Day.

“Get ready to head out around your neighborhood to help contain the Calamity during this month’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day!” the post said. “On August 10, meet up with friends to level up even faster as you’ll earn a variety of bonuses that will help you take on Wizarding Challenges together.”

Everything below is what’s included in this months’ Community Day:

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day

  • XP bonuses when participating in Wizarding Challenges, with additional bonuses for playing with friends
  • Free store pack featuring Spell Energy from the Diagon Alley shop
  • Healing potions brew quicker and offer more Stamina when consumed
  • Ingredients used to brew Healing potions appear more frequently on the Map
  • Potions brewed using a Rental Cauldron will have their brew times reduced by 33%

The times that the event starts and end at are all visible through the post, though it should be live everywhere that the game is available at this time.

Found through the same Twitter account that shared the announcement above, players’ photos have been retweeted to show gatherings of Wizards Unite fans for the day.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s August Community Day is now live.