Dungeons & Dragons Gets an Unexpected Crossover With Fireball Island

The worlds of Fireball Island and Dungeons & Dragons collide in a fun new module written by the makers of the revitalized board game. In 1986, Milton Bradley released Fireball Island, a board game featuring a unique 3D board capped off by a volcano that spat "fireballs" (or marbles) at players. The purpose of the game was to retrieve a jewel from the volcano at the center of the island and then return to the dock without getting hit by a fireball or having the jewel stolen by another player. Because of its unique board and emphasis on launching fireballs at other players, the game was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, to the point that it was recently rebooted and updated by Restoration Games with a Kickstarter that raised over $2.5 million. Thanks to the Kickstarter, players who grew up with Fireball Island can now share their adventures with a new generation.

Restoration Games recently released a unique tie-in to Fireball Island - a Dungeons & Dragons module. Fireball Island - Isle of the Fire Spirit is a free to download module made for three to five 5th-level players and is set on Fireball Island. In the module, players must brave the various dangers of Fireball Island to recover the Heart of Vul-Kar, the famed jewel that keeps a powerful fire spirit at bay inside a massive stone idol at the center of the island. Players use the actual Fireball Island game board in lieu of a map, and have to deal with Vul-Kar's fireball attacks at random. The adventure culminates with a battle against the Spirit of Vul-Kar, a dangerous fire spirit made of pure fire.


The module is a fun crossover between Fireball Island and Dungeons & Dragons and serves as a great way to introduce fans of one game to another. Whether you want to bring your Fireball Island-loving kids into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, or want to flick fireball marbles at your regular D&D group, this new adventure is a fun (and free) way to use Fireball Island in a new way.

You can download Fireball Island - Isle of the Fire Spirit here.