League of Legends Is Adding a Champion-Based Achievement System

League of Legends players who want to work on their champion mastery even more than the current system allows will be able to opt into a new achievement-based mastery feature soon called “Eternals.” Riot Games announced this feature on Tuesday and said it’ll be released in Patch 9.17 after spending some time on the PBE for testing. Several Eternals have been revealed so far that’ll be available for amounts of Riot Points that are currently unknown.

Riot revealed the plans for the achievement-based system in a Nexus post that explored the creation of the Eternals and how they work in-game. The goal for these Eternals, Riot said, was to give players a way to show off achievements while providing another mastery avenue beyond the current system. These Eternals will track different metrics including those specific to certain champions. Sylas, for example, has an Eternal called “Stop Hitting Yourself” that tracks how many times a Sylas player kills an enemy champion with their own ultimate.

The Warden, The Protector, The Empress, The Guide, The Warrior, and The Trickster are the six broad Eternals revealed so far that encompass different areas like doing damage and deceiving enemies. Each of these Eternals have their own unique statues to exemplify what the Eternals are all about.

If you’re wondering why the Eternals are available for RP and not as a free mastery system, Riot offered an explanation for the decision. A loot-based system was explored while iterating the Eternals feature bet the result was something that felt “overly complicated and too punishing,” Riot said. Riot also added that the Eternals were a big project to take on and continued support will require them to be sold for RP.


“Additionally—and for complete transparency—Eternals were a huge undertaking to build,” Riot said. “The system has a significant amount of new tech powering it to ensure that it works consistently and reliably. We also want to support and expand upon this feature for years to come, and with so many champions to build and maintain Eternals for, the only way we could justify supporting the feature was to attach an RP price to it.”

Eternals will be packaged in sets of three for players to purchase with RP, Riot said. You can see the full explanation of how they work here ahead of their release in Patch 9.17.