TimeSplitters Creator and THQ Nordic Confirm The Franchise Is Making A Comeback

Today, during an earnings call with investors, THQ Nordic confirmed more or less that TimeSplitters is making a return to the gaming world. More specifically, according to the large and quickly growing European publisher, TimeSplitters co-creator Steve Ellis has joined the company to "plot the future course" of the franchise. Now, what this exactly means, is anyone's best guess. What it does confirm though is that THQ Nordic is going to be bringing the series back in one form or another in the future. And this isn't very surprising, after all, why else would it acquire the rights to the franchise back in 2018 if it didn't plan on using it?

Again, while it's clear the series is returning, it's unclear how it will return. There's a good chance we may see some re-releases or remakes before we get a proper new release. However, a new installment -- whether a new entry or a reboot -- is almost certainly in the cards.

As you will know, THQ Nordic has been reviving IP with both new releases and remakes. For example, it's bringing Destroy All Humans back with a remake of the first game. But it's also been releasing new entries in other series, like Darksiders. Given how long TimeSplitters has been absent for probably means it will get the former treatment though.


For those that don't know: we haven't seen the series since 2005, when TimeSplitters: Future Perfect released. Before this, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters released in 2002 and 2000, respectively. Since the series disappeared, nothing has really replaced it. That said, the reason the hole left behind by the zany first-person shooter series hasn't been filled is probably because it isn't very big and worth filling. However, it's been long enough that a comeback may be a worthy investment for THQ Nordic. Because, as you will know, nostalgia is one hell of a thing.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts or let me know over on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_. What would you like to see THQ Nordic do with the TimeSplitters franchise?