Apex Legends Players Break Game With 30 Bangalore Ultimates

A group of Apex Legends players managed to break the game on their end after 30 Bangalore ultimates proved to be too much to handle. The Bangalore squad coordinated their efforts in a Solos game and tossed down their ultimate abilities at the same time which immediately caused distortions before players were kicked from the game. Twitch streamer its_WiKeD was part of that group and streamed the event which can be seen in the clip above.

After all the Bangalores tossed their signal grenades down to call in the airstrikes, the explosives came flying in and littered the area. Before they could even detonate though, things started looking rough as the game showed it couldn’t take everything happening at the same time. Within a few seconds, you can hear the ominous PC notification noise that means something’s gone wrong as the game crashed.

When the clip made it to the Apex Legends subreddit and received a lot of attention there, one player said in the comments that they were one of the Bangalores that helped with the feat. They said they received the message below after being booted from the game thanks to all the Bangalore ults.

This isn’t the only time that we’ve seen players work together in the game’s new Solos mode, but at least this instance of teamwork is a relatively harmless one. since the mode was first added, other players have been using it as a way to form teams despite the mode making it every Legend for themselves. The teams have been frustrating to encounter in the instances that they’ve appeared, but it’s thankfully not that common of a scenario.


Apex Legends’ Solos mode is only live for a few more days, so perhaps we’ll see more videos like the one above with other Legends like Gibraltar before it’s over. Respawn Entertainment added it as a limited-time mode, likely to gauge interest and see how players responded to the mode. Many players will be hoping that it’ll be added as a permanent mode, though Respawn hasn’t committed to that yet.

Thanks, Dexerto.

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