The Monopoly Gamer: Sonic the Hedgehog Edition Board Game Has Launched


Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog is the latest video game icon to get a Gamer edition of Monopoly - and it's build for speed. The die only includes numbers 2 through 7 for faster movement around the board, and utilizing the Boost die can activate boost abilities - like Sonic’s Super Boost which doubles his normal dice roll and causes every player he passes to drop rings.

Monopoly Gamer Sonic the Hedgehog Edition has a Walmart exclusive online launch window, so the first place you can get it is right here for $24.92 with shipping (or store pickup) slated for October 1st - 3rd. Previous Monopoly Gamer editions can be found here. An official description and list of gameplay features for the Sonic Edition are available below.


"The Monopoly game joins forces with Sonic the Hedgehog video game characters for an exciting gameplay experience! Instead of standard Monopoly tokens, players can choose to move around the gameboard as Sonic, Tails, Amy, or Knuckles. Buy iconic properties such as Planet Wisp, and Rooftop Run. Pass Go to trigger a cooperative boss fight, drop and collect Rings on board spaces, earn Chaos Emeralds and Chao tokens, and activate characters' unique powers. After the final boss fight, the player with the highest score wins."

  • Throughout the game, fans will pass – and potentially purchase – iconic Sonic the Hedgehog themed properties such as Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run while dropping and collecting Rings on board spaces, earning Chaos Emeralds and Chao tokens.
  • Fans can chose from Sonic, Tails, Amy or Knuckles character tokens to race around the board.
  • To introduce a Sonic themed layer of competition, landing on or passing “Go” triggers a boss fight where players compete for Chaos Emeralds – having more Emeralds means it will be easier to beat Dr. Eggman!
  • A “speedy die” with only numbers 2-7 is included for faster movement around the game board
  • As seen in the Monopoly Gamer Mario and Mario Kart Edition games, each Sonic game token has special powers and abilities to use during the gameplay with the Boost die (e.g. Sonic’s Super Boost doubles his normal dice roll and causes every player he passes to drop rings)

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