Magic Arena to Officially Launch Out of Beta With Throne of Eldraine Release

Magic: The Gathering Arena will officially launch out of beta with the release of the Throne of Eldraine expansion set in late September. After a year-long open beta, the free-to-play digital Magic: The Gathering experience will get its official release ahead of entering the Epic Games Store later this year and being ported to macOS sometime after.

To celebrate the announcement, Magic: The Gathering released a new trailer for the Throne of Eldraine set that will serve as a launch trailer for the Magic: The Gathering Arena. The trailer reveals a new look a Garruk, one of Magic’s original playable planeswalkers who will return in Throne of Eldraine after a long absence.

Players who participated in the open beta will receive a cosmetic gift from the Arena team. Anyone who plays the game before it’s out-of-beta launch on September 26th will receive an exclusive Fblthp avatar and card back that will become available at the time of launch.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is also celebrating by bringing the Brawl format to Arena today. Brawl has players build decks out of a single Legendary creature or Planeswalker with 59 Standard cards. Arena is also running a special Throne of Eldraine sneak preview in which players can earn Throne of Eldraine cards before the set’s official release.


Throne of Eldraine will introduce the new planeswalker Oko as well as the new “adventure” mechanic to the game. "One of the really cool new mechanics in this set is called adventure," Gavin Verhey, Senior Magic Product Architect, explained in an interview. "This represents how the various knights and characters of the world go out on… well, adventures! You can tell which cards are adventures from their very unique frame that looks a bit like a storybook. You can always play a card for it’s normal mana cost, in the top right… Or if it’s in your hand, you can pay the adventure cost and send it away on an adventure! It’ll do the effect in the adventure textbox, you’ll exile the card, and then you can still cast it later on. It’s a great way to get extra value out of each and every one of your adventure cards!"

Are you excited about the official launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena? What do you think of the Throne of Eldraine set previews? Let us know how you feel in the comments section. Throne of Eldraine launches in Magic: The Gathering Arena, bringing the game out of beta, on September 26th.