Days Gone Getting New Game Plus Mode and More Next Week

Days Gone is getting one of the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s most asked for features next week when a New Game Plus mode is added. Starting on September 13th, an update will be released which will add the mode and give players the chance to play through the story again with all the collectibles and resources they acquired from their first playthrough. More trophies will also be added, so if you’ve already platinumed the game, you’ll have some more challenges waiting for you next week.

Sony announced the release of the feature in a post on the PlayStation Blog that went over what all would be carried on to the next playthrough. All the NERO boosters and weapons are some of the more notable features that’ll be transferred to the next playthrough, and players can also give a different difficulty a shot with the help of their acquired guns and resources. Some extra difficulty modes will provide additional challenges and can be played by anyone regardless of if they’ve actually beaten the game yet or not.

“New Game Plus can be started from any save game where the ‘I’m Never Giving Up’ storyline has been completed,” the post said. “You can play NG+ on any difficulty level; Easy, Normal, Hard, Survival, or try it in one of our two new difficulty modes: Hard II and Survival II, regardless of the previous difficulty mode. These new difficulty modes are not specific to NG+ and can be experienced by brand-new players as well.”

Any perks players earned from the game’s challenges will also carry over, so Jeff Ross, the game director of Days Gone developer Bend Studio, advised players to give these challenges a shot so they can bring their perks with them to the next playthrough.


Unrelated to the New Game Plus mode, vinyl soundtracks featuring the music from the game were also announced in the same post and will go on sale starting on September 11th. Twenty-five different tracks are included in the soundtrack, so if you’ve enjoyed riding around in Days Gone to the music of the game, you can check out the new vinyl yourself here.

Days Gone’s New Game Plus mode update will release on September 13th.

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