Pokemon Go Adds a New Adventure Sync Milestone

Pokemon Go has a new Adventure Sync milestone for players to reach, provided the game actually records their distance walked. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go enabled a new milestone for its Adventure Sync feature, giving players a chance to earn Stardust, items, and eggs for walking 100 kilometers in a week. Previously, the feature only gave credit for up to 50 kilometers walked in a week, so this is an opportunity for players who do a lot of walking to get even more rewards in the game.

Of course - Adventure Sync is one of Pokemon Go's more divisive features due to its unsteady history. The feature is supposed to automatically record distance travelled even when players aren't actively playing the game. While Adventure Sync was supposed to make hatching eggs or collecting buddy candies easier to obtain, players have noticed that it doesn't always accurately record distance walked, making it more of a frustration than an actual useful feature. Pokemon Go was supposed to add a feature that allows Adventure Sync to automatically catch Pokemon for trainers as well, but that feature has also stalled out for the time being.


The big prize for hitting the 100 kilometer milestone in Pokemon Go is that players will get 16,000 Stardust, which is over twice as much Stardust than what players obtain for reaching the 50 kilometer milestone. If players have an empty egg slot when they collect their Adventure Sync reward, they may also get a new egg to hatch.

For players who walk a ton (and have a phone that works with Adventure Sync), this new milestone should prove to be a big boon. It'll be interesting to see whether many trainers hit this milestone or if this is just another way Pokemon Go is encouraging players to walk more.

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