Red Barrels Announces The Outlast Trials

The developer Red Barrels that’s known for its work on the Outlast games has announced a new title in the series called The Outlast Trials. It’s a survival horror game just like the other ones, but this time there’s a twist: It’s a multiplayer title. Multiple players can take part in the game that’s set during the Cold War era, though it can also be played solo if you prefer the more traditional Outlast experience. It doesn’t have a release date and is currently still in production, but we’ve now gotten our first teaser image for it.

Red Barrels announced the new game on Wednesday via press release and some posts on social media that showed off The Outlast Trials. We see several “test subjects” as Red Barrels calls them shown in the teaser image that looks just as distressing as the previews of past Outlast games. Three subjects are on the ground in various states of panic as they reach towards someone above. The visible characters have what appear to be night vision goggled affixed to their heads, a signature part of the Outlast games.

“The Red Barrels team is excited to announce our latest project in the Outlast universe,” the developers said on Facebook alongside the announcement of the new game. “Set in the era of the Cold War, The Outlast Trials will allow players to face the horrors that await by themselves or with fellow test subjects.”

The announcements also advised Outlast fans that the game is still in production which means it might be a while before we get to see The Outlast Trials released. David Chateauneuf, the co-founder of Red Barrels, did offer one last teaser though to indicate that the developer is doubling down on its successes from the past Outlast games.

“Now we’ve done our proof of concept, it is time focus on content creation, variety… and gore,” the co-founder said.


Red Barrels teased an announcement prior to this reveal that showed a close-up of the two hands almost grasping each other. There was speculation beforehand that the game might be Outlast 3, and after it was announced, there was more speculation that The Outlast Trials might be a virtual reality title. Red Barrels has confirmed that’s not the case though, so don’t worry about having to buy a VR headset to play the next Outlast game.

The Outlast Trials is currently in production and does not yet have a release date.