Detroit: Become Human Developer Teases New Project

Founder of Quantic Dream David Cage has teased fans that there will be "a lot of surprises" coming this year, suggesting the French studio will be revealing a new game at some point. Unfortunately, Cage doesn't divulge any further salient details, but it sounds like we won't have to wait much longer to find out what these surprises are.

"Ok, I'm late... but I wanted to say happy New Year," reads the tweet. "I wish you the best for 2020. 2019 has been an amazing year for the studio. 2020 should be even more exciting! We have a lot of surprises to come for our fans, so stay tuned! And in 2020 more than ever: be deviant!"


For those that don't know: Quantic Dream has been around since 1997. In 1999, its debut game, Nomad Soul, released. And it wasn't a great debut performance. The team didn't release another game until 2005, when it dropped Fahrenheit, which put the studio on the map. After this, the studio signed a three-game deal with PlayStation to make three exclusive games for it. In return, Sony would fund the projects. The first of these games came in 2010. It was called Heavy Rain, and is widely considered the studio's best work to date and one of the best and most influential games of last-generation. And then in 2013, the second game apart of this deal, Beyond: Two Souls, released and didn't have the same impact Heavy Rain did. However, the studio returned to form with Detroit: Become Human in 2018, which wasn't as popular or acclaimed as Heavy Rain, but was better than Beyond: Two Souls.

After this, the studio and Sony parted ways. None of the aforementioned games -- bar maybe Heavy Rain -- sold well for Sony, so it's not surprising they may have wanted out of the deal. Meanwhile, Quantic Dream may have also wanted to go the independent route, and with a minority investment from NetEase, it was able to do this. All of this is to say, the studio is now making multi-platform games, and it sounds like we may see their next project sooner rather than later.

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