Fallout 76's Wastelanders Update Will Improve Quests

Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update is still on the way with a preview of it opening soon for players to experience. While NPCs are the highlight of the update, it’ll include additional content as well like new settings and features. Bethesda previewed one of those changes in the latest Inside the Vault post by saying that the way players navigate and embark on their quests will be improved when the update drops.

The quest UI changes are part of a series of quality-of-life improvements Bethesda has planned, the Inside the Vault post explained. Visual markers for quests will be updated so that players can differentiate between their main quests and others like side or daily missions.

Players will also be seeing much more information on the map since all of the quests will appear there.

“All of your quests will now appear on the map,” Bethesda said. “Quests you’ve stopped tracking in your Pip-Boy are considered “Inactive” and will now show black map markers. This will help you easily differentiate them from your “Active” quests, which display the yellow markers you’re already familiar with.”

Pop-ups will also display more information about the quests players have taken on. New options to quickly interact with quests include the ones detailed in the list below that are shown in the gif underneath.

Quest Options

  • Toggle Active: Select this to change an inactive quest to active, or vice versa.
  • Make Only this Active: Selecting this will mark all your quests inactive except for the one you’ve selected.
  • Show in Pip-Boy: This closes the map and opens the currently selected quest in your Pip-Boy’s Data tab.

Players will also find new options in their settings pertaining to these quest UI changes and how players interact with them.

This same post from Bethesda also broke the news to players that Vault 94 is closing its doors. This Vault was the first of its kind that was opened when Bethesda released Vault Raids, but Bethesda said it’s not been meeting their expectations.

These UI updates and the closure of the Vault will happen alongside the Wastelanders update, though there’s no known release date for that at this time.

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