Potential Batman Video Game Art Surfaces Online

Just after some intriguing details about a Batman game project from WB Games Montreal surfaced online, it appears we may have gotten a look at some artwork that’ll make an appearance in the game. Artwork from what’s said to be a cancelled game which would’ve focused on Damian, Bruce Wayne’s son, was shared online this week. If the reports are to be believed, the next Batman game that’s being worked on within Warner Bros. may end up incorporating some of those ideas and assets into it.

All the Batman rumors and speculations from this week come from GWW’s James Sigfield who cited unnamed sources that apparently have info on the potential Batman game. This Batman game will supposedly not be a continuation of the Arkham series but will instead be a "fresh start," the report said.

Sigfield shared an image from their personal Twitter account that showed different concepts for the Batcycle. Things originally planned for the cancelled Batman game will supposedly be in the new game, Sigfield said, while pointing out the Batcycle as one likely example.

Sigfield added in a separate tweet that this artwork and some other pieces of art didn’t leak before, in case someone’s trying to figure out whether they’d seen the Batcycle image above before or not.

Like most rumors, details on the project overall are slim. There’s talk of co-op gameplay and a playable Batfamily, but everything is hearsay, rumors, or speculation until WB Montreal formally announces something.


What we do know though is that a new Batman game is definitely being teased – it’s just taking much longer than Batman fans would like. WB Games Montreal began another round of teasers early in the year when it shared several cryptic images which made unique symbols when put together. It appeared that this image was some sort of badge, but people weren’t sure whether it had to do with Gotham City Police Department, the Court of Owls that’s long been rumored to be a part of an upcoming Batman game, or something else entirely.

But that teaser was apparently part of a much larger picture, one that seems like it’ll take a while to be fully appreciated. Some sort of symbol was spotted on the WB Games Montreal site which served as a holder for all the other symbols revealed so far. The only problem is that barely any of the slots have been filled which means there’s no telling how long it’ll take for the teasers to dry up and something straightforward to happen.

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