Pokemon Home Maintenance Scheduled for Magearna Fix

Catching every single Pokemon is an arduous task. With 890 creatures spread across a plethora of mainline games, spin-offs, and a certain popular mobile title, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to assemble every creature in the Pokedex. Pokemon Home has made it a little bit easier to keep tabs on your collection, however, and there's even a cool incentive for catching every Pokemon: a special, Original Color Magearna. Unfortunately, not everyone that's completed the task has gotten the extremely rare creature; some have gotten a regular version, instead. This weekend, the app will undergo maintenance efforts to fix the issue, and those who received the incorrect version will receive the rarer version.

Pokemon Home was released last month for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices. Since then, the app has received a fair number of updates to handle issues with Pokemon brought over, including an issue with Pokemon losing their IVs after transfer. In addition to the Magearna fix, this weekend's update will also fix a glitch where the Pokedex does not register as complete, when finished.

Despite these issues, Pokemon Home has been a rather large success for The Pokemon Company. With more than 1 million downloads on mobile devices, and $1.8 million in earnings in the first 10 days, fans seem to really like the service. By allowing users to see and trade their Pokemon on their mobile devices, The Pokemon Company has given users the best way to keep working at the Pokedex, when it might not be as easy to turn on Nintendo Switch, or 3DS.

While Pokemon Box previously allowed players to move Pokemon between the DS and 3DS versions, Home is a much fuller experience, and one that should continue to improve as The Pokemon Company fine-tunes things. One confirmed improvement is better compatibility with Pokemon Go. As of this writing, moving Pokemon from Pokemon Go is a slightly complicated process, so players should be happy to see a more straightforward option, particularly since the Pokemon that can be brought over from the mobile game are fairly limited, thus far.


Maintenance for Pokemon Home is scheduled to begin March 6th at 8:30 a.m. EST, and last until 3 p.m.

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