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New Evidence Emerges Proving That Yoshi Doesn't Pay His Taxes

Tyler Fischer


(Photo: Nintendo)

Yoshi is meant to be ridden, and then disposed of. You're never supposed to think about the green dinosaur again after he disappears into the abyss, because Yoshi is a terrible, terrible person. And so it shouldn't come as any surprise that we've found evidence proving the long-running Internet rumor is true: Yoshi doesn't pay his taxes.

The landmark discovery comes courtesy of Wii's Fortune Street, which all but confirms in-game that Yoshi is a no-good, blue shell-throwing, tax evader on the run from the IRS, which explains why he (or she or it) always is changing colors.

The evidence was first unearthed by Twitter user Supper Mario Broth, who shared the discovery via Twitter this week:

Of course, fans weren't very surprised. Everybody knew that underneath the Internet meme was actually just a deep state op to convince people it was a joke, while in reality Yoshi is running the largest ponzi scheme the world doesn't know about.

For those that don't know: Fortune Street is a long-running series originally created by Dragon Quest designer Yugi Horii. It has seen many iterations over the years, with the above screenshot coming from 2011 Wii release of the game. Think Monopoly, but with Mario and Dragon Quest characters.

Of course, the game predates the popular meme, which just started making the rounds last year. It's quite possible inspiration for the meme came from this game, though the associated image is often from Mario Party 6, so who knows.

Anyway, something tells me we're only scratching the surface of this. Surely it goes deeper. The Waluigi memes, the Bowsette stuff, all of it is clearly meant to distract us from what's really going on with Yoshi.

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