Pokemon Go Announces Spring Event With Unique Pokemon Variants and Bonuses

04/03/2020 05:45 pm EDT

Pokemon Go is having another Spring Event this year with Niantic revealing on Friday the plans for the event that include unique variants of different Pokemon, increased chances to get certain Pokemon from eggs, and other bonuses to look forward to. The event is schedule to start on April 9th and will continue until April 16th, so Pokemon Go players should have plenty of time to get everything they need to out of the Spring Event. The changes made as a response to the coronavirus are also still in place with Niantic saying it's continuing to prioritize those accommodations, so even players who are stuck at home can take part in the event.

Details of the Spring Event were announced on Friday with the April 9th start date giving players time to prepare for it. As one of the bigger features of the event, players will be able to get unique versions of both Buneary and Pikachu. They'll be wearing flower crowns and flower hats, respectively, throughout the event, and players can even find shiny versions of these variants.

That feature is just one of many incentives to participate in the Spring Event, each of which can be found below along with the bonus Hatch Candy and extended time for Lucky Eggs.

Spring Event Feature


The Pokemon Go announcement was also sure to remind players that the half Hatch Distance bonus that's currently applied to hatching eggs and will be in place throughout the event, so if you've got anything that needs hatching, the event is the time to do it.

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