This Nintendo Switch Lookalike Is The Perfect Way To Play SNES Titles


It's good to see Nintendo back into the game in a big way with the huge success they have seen in 2017 with their latest console; the Nintendo Switch. The Big N has also been focusing on the more veteranized gamers as well with classic throwbacks like their NES and SNES edition mini consoles. There's no doubt about it that the company has reclaimed their former glory, so it's no surprise that many other companies are getting onboard this hype train. One company in particular has blended the concept of the Nintendo Switch with a classic playstyle and created this 16-Bit Pocket HDMI system that may look like a Switch, but actually plays SNES games.

It has the portability of the Switch, the reader for SNES cartridges, a dock to plug into your TV to play, two controllers, and a glorious 7 inch screen. The best part? This nifty little design can play both Super Nintendo AND Super Famicom games, so really no one needs to be left out of the experience. It's by far not the only SNES adaptation, and not even the first portable one - but the unique design mechanics that blends the Nintendo Switch with our love of the classics just makes it too good to pass up.

The system above will be releasing in Japan on February 28th, though no price has been allocated at this time. There hasn't been an expansion announcement from the manufacturer, Columbus Circle, regarding an international release - but given the company's history it is very possible that the Western markets will be seeing this unique handheld in the future at some time.

Official product description:


"This product "16Bit pocket HDMI" is a compatible machine for SFC which can enjoy software of iconic machine Super Famicom equipped with a 7-inch large screen. Moreover, by connecting the main body to the television with the HDMI cable, it is the ultimate SFC compatible machine which can enjoy the game on the big screen of clear and colorful HDMI output video. As a body function, you can enjoy the game with the screen ratios you like with "Standard (4/3)" and "Wide (16/9)" with conversion switch that can adjust the screen ratio. In addition, it has a conversion switch of "NTSC" and "PAL" and can also play software for SFC of Western version. Since "Adjust screen brightness" button is also attached, the gameplay is possible with your desired brightness. It is an SFC compatible machine spreading satisfaction that comes with the main unit stand so that it is easy to play with a dedicated controller (wireless) while it is placed on the desk."