Absolver 'Friends and Foes' Trailer Details Multiplayer Features and Relationships

Absolver is less than two weeks away. Your humble writer has been looking forward to this surreal and meditative martial arts game for a long time now. It's one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and I think that you all will be pleasantly surprised when you pick this up. In the latest trailer, we get a closer look at various multiplayer features and how players will form bonds with more experienced fighters to learn and grow. Check it out above.

You begin Absolver as a prospect. The title itself implies you're moving toward something; evolving into something. Eventually, if the Guides deem you're worthy, you'll become an Absolver: a kind of elite warrior tasked with watching over the fallen Adal Empire, and with raising up future prospects. Some of you may be called to walk this path alone, while most of you will seek the aid of a mentor.

The bond between Prospect and mentor is one of the core social experiences that drives Absolver. As you grow in your art, you'll develop new strikes, new moves, and new powers. When submitting yourself to the tutelage of a mentor, you'll be able to borrow various moves from his or her combat deck to use -- even if you haven't mastered those moves yourself. Through repetition and dedication, your own combat deck will expand, and you'll find you have an inspiring variety of techniques to choose from when crafting your fighting style.

The social bonds and rivalries that you form as you explore the Adal Empire will establish Absolver's narrative foundation. There is no set story campaign, per se. Absolver's story is your story. The most meaningful relationships are the ones that you pursue. Your greatest foe will be the rival who looks down on you from behind a mask after besting you again and again. This is some real martial arts magic right here, and you're going to have to show patience and discipline if you're to succeed in this world.

Absolver launches on PC and PS4 on August 29. You can learn more about the game right here, and stay tuned to WWG for our full review!