'Ace Combat 7' Details Reveal a Battle Royale Multiplayer Mode That Isn't Battle Royale

A few new multiplayer details have emerged for Bandai Namco’s upcoming Ace Combat 7: Skies [...]

A few new multiplayer details have emerged for Bandai Namco's upcoming Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. And while one particular mode sounds rather intriguing, it's not quite what you'd expect it to be.

Ace Combat

That mode is called Battle Royale. And as you PUBG and Fortnite fans know, "Battle Royale" works with a certain rule set where the winner takes all. But for Ace Combat 7, it's a little different.

Based on details from Gematsu, here's how the game's mode works:

"Clash with pilots all over the world to come out on top. Battle Royale is a rule where up to eight players can participate. Everyone else besides yourself is the enemy, and you can deal damage and shoot down other players to build up your score. A winner is determined once a player reaches the victory score, or once the time limit runs out (which is then determined by player with the highest score)."

Soooo...it's not quite Battle Royale, but has a lot of fight still going on.

Ace Combat 7 is jam-packed with other options, too. Aside from Battle Royale and traditional Team Deathmatch multiplayer modes, the sequel will also feature abundant vehicle customization where you can utilize special equipment and upgrade parts to improve performance. You can also unlock a handful of special emblems and skins for your jet of choice, adding more personality to your "ride."

Also noted with multiplayer is the ability to earn between one to three stars per match (depending on your overall performance). That can have an effect on how your opponents read you, so maybe get past that one star rating if you can.

There's also some unique aspects with weather. Certain conditions will pop up that will change how you experience multiplayer. For instance, rain can build up on your window and block your view (no wiper here, sorry); and lightning can mess with your electronics if it strikes close enough. So maybe be a little cautious before you venture into the clouds.

Finally, Ace Combat 7's single player is loaded with tons of content. Reports indicate that the game will take 50 hours to complete 100 percent. That's a whole lot of jet flying. Whoo!

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown releases on January 18, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.