Ace Combat 7 Won’t Take Flight Until Next Year

Bandai Namco and the team at Project ACES has been moving right along on the development of the [...]


Bandai Namco and the team at Project ACES has been moving right along on the development of the latest Ace Combat game, which had been in production for the PlayStation 4 and, with some missions, the PlayStation VR headset. However, it will be just a little bit longer until aerial combat fans can fly into the danger zone.

The publisher has announced today that the game has been delayed, and won't be coming out this year as planned. Instead, it has an arrival set for next year, though a specific release date wasn't provided.

That said, fans won't have to wait long to get a good look at the forthcoming sequel, as Bandai Namco is already planning a special demo next month for E3, which will showcase some of the game's non-virtual reality missions. That way, you'll get a better look at what the game is about.

The franchise director, Kazutoki Kono, recently addressed the delay in a heartfelt letter to fans, thanking them for their patience and assuring them that it will work in favor of the team, as they can work longer to finalize their vision in just the right way for Ace Combat 7.

"We would have loved to launch Ace Combat 7 at the end of 2017 as we originally intended, but doing so would compromise our goal for the game," Kono explained. "We take our art very seriously and that means we have instead chosen to devote additional time and effort to perfect and optimize this newest chapter of the Ace Combat saga."

Using the "skies of opportunity" presented with the Unreal Engine 4 technology, the team vows to "deliver the minute details of flight combat - such as cloud cover and air currents – or give players a new way to experience dogfights and attack sorties through hardware such as the new PlayStation VR."

It may be a painful wait for those that were hoping to blast foes out of the sky, but it's sure to be worth it.

In addition to PlayStation 4, Ace Combat 7 has also been confirmed for Xbox One and PC, and those versions will likely arrive around the same time in 2018.

We'll have full details in terms of what Bandai Namco announces as soon as details become available!