Classic Game Acquire Will Be Re-Released by Renegade This Year

The classic board game Acquire will be getting a new edition later this year. Renegade Game Studio announced they had reached a new licensing agreement with Hasbro to publish the classic board game Acquire, which was originally designed by Sid Sackson and released in 1964. Gameplay involves placing tiles on a 3D board, with each chain of tiles representing a different hotel chain. Players can choose whether to start new hotel chains, grow an existing hotel chain, or merge two hotel chains together. When a hotel chain is acquired by another hotel, players earn money based on the amount of stock they have in a chain. The game ends when a chain takes up 40% or more of the board or when all the hotel chains on the board become too large for another to acquire. The player who has the most money and stock value at the end of the game wins. 

Acquire has long been a popular board game, with many praising its surprisingly deep strategy. The game has had several editions released over the years, but has been mostly dormant since 2006, when Hasbro released a controversial new edition with a smaller board. 

Renegade announced that it would bring back Acquire's original board size in its new edition and would also host a championship tournament at Gen Con to celebrate the game's re-launch. 

Renegade has reached licensing agreements with Hasbro to publish several popular but mostly dormant board games. Most notably, Renegade is now the publisher of Axis & Allies and will be publishing re-prints of past versions of the game. It also reached licensing agreements for Robo Rally and Diplomacy.

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