Developers Reach Out With Job Openings Following Activion-Blizzard Layoffs (UPDATE)

Update: Over 800 layoffs have occurred, the full report can be seen here.

Following the devastating report that a massive wave of layoffs is on the horizon over at Activision-Blizzard, developers around the world are joining gamers in their support for those that are looking at the threat of suddenly losing their jobs.

Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, and so many others are joining together in a show of support for those in fear of losing their current position. There's a growing list of job opportunities that studios everywhere are contributing too to help any developers suddenly at a loss find new work quickly:

Many developers are also posting up job boards to make the hunt even easier, such as Naughty Dog's below:

Suddenly coming face-to-face with potentially losing a job one has worked so hard for, it's never an easy position to be in, especially given how grueling the work can be at times. Developers have a passion for their creations that make the long-hours and social media onslaughts worth it and to see that suddenly change is heartbreaking.

It's wonderful to see so many rally behind their colleagues for the alleged layoffs happening on Tuesday. This has been a development we've been following for a few years now and there's a lot that has been leading up to this point. To catch up on the evolution as it's progressed thus far, you can check out our previous coverage here.