Alan Wake Showrunner Exits AMC's TV Show Adaptation

AMC's upcoming TV series based on the video game Alan Wake has now lost its showrunner before even entering production. A little over a month ago, developer Remedy Entertainment announced that AMC Networks had officially acquired the rights to work on the TV adaptation of the 2010 action-adventure game. And while this news made it seem like work on the show was starting to pick up, it seems like a snag has now been hit early on in the development of the series. 

According to a report from Variety, Peter Calloway, who previously worked on Legion and Cloak & Dagger, was poised to helm Alan Wake. Calloway had originally signed on to help bring Alan Wake to TV all the way back in 2018, which means that he's been attached to this project for quite some time. Unfortunately, with work on Alan Wake now beginning to pick up steam, Calloway was forced to step away due to scheduling conflicts. 

At this point in time, a new showrunner for Alan Wake hasn't been found, but AMC is said to be in the process of looking for someone to take over Calloway's former role. Conversely, Variety also reports that Jon Jashni and Jeff Ludwig have now joined Alan Wake in producer roles. Jashni previously served as the president of Legendary Entertainment while Ludwig was formerly a VP at Ritchie/Wigram Productions. 

Even though timelines may have now shifted a bit due to Calloway leaving the Alan Wake TV series, that doesn't mean that the property still doesn't have a whole lot going on at the moment. Just last year, Remedy Entertainment released a new remaster of Alan Wake that came to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Additionally, the studio also confirmed that it was now working on Alan Wake 2, with plans to release the game in 2023. At this point in time, we still have no idea when the TV series might come about, but more information should continue to trickle out in the months ahead. 

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