This Cuphead Speedrun Is the Stuff of Legend

Last week’s Summer Games Done Quick did some amazing stuff with its speedruns while, at the same time, raising an incredible amount of money for charity. But out of all the runs, there’s one that really stands out for us -- TheMexicanRunner’s battle with Cuphead.

Now, normally, this Xbox One/Steam run-and-gun game takes a good amount of time, just because it’s so challenging and ridiculous. But someone didn’t tell this speedrunner that as he managed to make his way through the entire game in less than an hour, running through bosses like they were nothing.

You can watch the whole speedrun above, but here’s a quick breakdown of how everything went down.

The speedrun gets its start at around 15 seconds with the introduction of TheMexicanRunner. From there, he delves into the game...and it doesn’t take long for him to acquire the weapon needed to deliver the most damage to boss enemies. For that matter, he’s also able to find the right spot to stand in where he takes a minimal amount of damage (if any, for that matter) while delivering the knockout blows to finish them off once and for all.

After running through the tutorial, we begin to see TheMexicanRunner make short work of bosses with jumping and shooting. Like, he takes down the opening ones in a matter of seconds. There are times that he gets hit by accident, like with his first aerial battle against the transforming Threatenin’ Zeppelin; but overall, he does an incredible job.

And we’re talking a whole speedrun to boot. When he gets to the Diceman sub-boss, TheMexicanRunner goes through every boss battle before coming face-to-face with the card-dealing baddie himself. Then it’s a matter of dealing with the Devil, collecting the contracts and finishing the game. Again, in less than under an hour. We’ve been playing for hours on end and are still stuck on some particular challenges.


So relive this great moment from Summer Games Done Quick for yourself above and marvel at the greatness of TheMexicanRunner’s gameplay. It’s really something.

And if you want to try it out and see if you can match -- or at the very least, keep up -- with his efforts, you can grab Cuphead now for Xbox One and Steam/PC.