Amazon's Cyber Monday PC Gaming Sale is Huge


Amazon never lets a big day of sales go buy without offering something for PC gamers, and they didn't disappoint for Cyber Monday 2019. There are big sales happening right now that are spread out all over Amazon's Cyber Monday page. That having been said, make sure to check out all of the deals below because there's a bit of overlap. For example, many of the deals contain monitors, networking equipment and so on. Also, note that many of the sales have multiple pages of deals, so make sure to flip through them all. Here's the breakdown:

The core Cyber Monday PC Gaming sale is available here, and it includes deals on laptops, desktops, headsets, keyboards, monitors, and networking equipment from brands like Razer, HyperX, Acer, Asus, and Alienware.

A sale that focuses primarily on components, monitors, and networking equipment is available here. Inside you'll find deals on routers, modems, networking switches, hard drives, memory, power supplies, processors, and more.

This content creator sale includes deals on a random assortment of networking equipment, monitors, and laptops, with a drawing tablet and Android tablet thrown in the mix.

Rounding out the list we have this Cyberpower UPS for only $129.95 (50% off) and a selection of productivity-oriented laptops desktops, monitors, and tablets.


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