Amnesia Creators Tease a New Announcement

The creators of the Amnesia series and other horror hits say that they have a new announcement [...]

The creators of the Amnesia series and other horror hits say that they have a new announcement coming next week on September 7.

Frictional Games, developers of Amnesia and its follow-up games as well as the SOMA series, shared a tweet that pertained to the release of the Amnesia: Collection on the Xbox One. We previously reported that the collection would be out on Microsoft's console on August 31, a date that was shared in an Xbox Wire post that's now been updated with the release date removed and a note saying that more information will be shared soon. The developer's tweet echoed the Xbox Wire update by saying that the collection is still coming to the Xbox One, just not yet. It added that more news will be shared on September 7 that will include a "special treat."

What that news is remains to be seen, but many of the Twitter users replying to the tweet pitched various theories about what might be happening. As always, a Nintendo Switch version was high on the list of ideas, one that several said could come alongside a remastered version of the games. The latter seems less likely though considering how the Amnesia: Collection with two full games and an expansion released on the PlayStation 4 not long ago with the Xbox One version still coming at some point.

There's also the chance that the announcement could be alluding to an entirely new game, though perhaps one that continues the Amnesia legacy. Frictional Games' site has had infrequent updates to say the least, something that the developers admit themselves, but the most recent one shared on May 8 hinted at two new games that the Amnesia creators have in the works.

"Someone was supposed to update the website?" the developers joked before teasing the new projects. "We've been too hard at work on our two new games, and kind of forgot there was this thing to upkeep."

Amnesia: Collection is still planned for a release on the Xbox One, but when that'll come and what Frictional Games has to announce on September 7 remains to be seen.