Among Us Reveals Most and Least Popular Crewmate Colors

Among Us has a couple of different options for players to choose from when they’re deciding what [...]

Among Us has a couple of different options for players to choose from when they're deciding what color their Crewmate should be, but only one of them can hold the top spot of the most popular color. To give players some insights into which color that might be as well as where some of the other colors stand in the rankings, the Among Us creators InnerSloth shared some more data this week to list the top three and the bottom three color options for Crewmates.

The top three color options are pretty basic as far as the possibilities go. Red is the most popular color which makes sense seeing how it's the one that's used most often to advertise Among Us, so being red means you get to be the poster bean for the game. Following behind red are black and then white in that order. Perhaps people prefer those last two color options because it allows them to easily pair their character with different customizations, or maybe players just like choosing white and black more than the other colors.

Occupying the bottom three spots are lime, brown, and green in that order. Though only six colors were listed in the infographic, players in the replies to the tweet wanted to know where their other favorite colors stood in the rankings. The Among Us Twitter account accommodated those questions with a few more indications of how popular or unpopular different colors were.

This marks two different occasions when InnerSloth shared some insights into different areas of Among Us through data like this, and hopefully, those sorts of reveals will continue. The first instance showed what the winrate differences were between people playing as Imposters and people playing as Crewmates with the Imposters taking the lead in wins by a considerable margin.

Data aside, Among Us also has a new map coming soon for players to look forward to. It's releasing in 2021 with no specific release date just yet, and we haven't fully seen what the inside of it looks like, but players are doing their best to imagine the map's layout anyway.