Among Us Airship Concept Imagines the Layout of New Map

Among Us revealed its new map this week to give players a first look at “The Airship,” a new [...]

Among Us revealed its new map this week to give players a first look at "The Airship," a new map that'll be released at some point in early 2021. The first trailer for The Airship showed off the exterior of the new map that'll look familiar to Henry Stickmin fans as well as some parts of the inside of the aircraft as well. We saw a couple of corridors and some of the rooms players will be completing tasks and sleuthing in like a kitchen, but we haven't seen the full layout of the map yet.

Some players aren't content to wait until that full reveal happens though and have taken it upon themselves to try and figure out what the inside of The Airship might look like. One player who goes by Mince1174 on Reddit said they and a group of friends scoured through The Henry Stickmin Collection to take note of what the inside of The Airship looked like there before taking that information and trying to imagine how it'd fit into an Among Us map. The result is the fan-made map below that looks to predict what the inside of The Airship will look like in Among Us.

After 8 hours of scanning through the new Among Us map trailer and Henry Stickmin collection, me and my friends have made what we believe to be an accurate, comprehensive floorplan of the new map, The Airship. from r/AmongUs

Other players within the Among Us subreddit have taken up similar undertakings to try and predict what the map will look like. While we of course won't know what the map will look like until later, it'll be worth recalling these fan-made concepts whenever the map is fully revealed to see how close some of the players got.

The concepts for the new map look pretty large compared to the others, but those sizes might not be too far off from what the actual plans are considering what we already know about The Airship. The InnerSloth devs have spoken about the map in the past to say that the new map will be bigger than Polus, but just how big that really is remains to be seen.

Among Us' new Airship map is scheduled to be released in early 2021, so expect to see a better look at the map before its live release.