Among Us Streamer Disguised Toast Officially Waves Goodbye to the Game

As Among Us has rapidly grown in popularity over the past year, one of the most notable content creators that has become associated with the game is that of Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang. Despite being so identifiable with Among Us at this point Wang announced recently that he would be taking a break from it for a number of reasons. And as of today, it looks as though Wang is saying goodbye for real.

In a recent message on Twitter, Wang showed off a picture of his YouTube feed which featured numerous uploads centered around Among Us. "After uploading among us videos every single day for the past 8 months, I have finally run out of Among Us content and didn't upload anything yesterday," Wang said, saying that this moment is truly the end of an era. "It's been a life-changing journey - excited to see what's next for me and my friends."

In the replies of his tweet, many other streamers and content creators began suggesting to Wang what he should start to play the most often in the future. Some pitched him on going back to Minecraft, while others suggested returning to Fall Guys.

Regardless of what Wang decides to stream regularly in the future, though, it stands to reason that he'll continue to have his massive audience come with him. Although Wang already made a name for himself prior to streaming Among Us, the content creator has become drastically bigger over the past year which means many of those viewers are sure to still tune in no matter what he might be playing.


Were you someone who happened to watch Disguised Toast when he was playing Among Us regularly? And what would you like to see him play next? Be sure to let me know your answer down in the comments.