Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Releases Early

The newest mobile addition to the Animal Crossing family is now fully available for downloads [...]

The newest mobile addition to the Animal Crossing family is now fully available for downloads worldwide a day ahead of schedule.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was originally scheduled to be released on Nov. 22 as seen in the tweet straight from the Nintendo of America account from a few days ago, but Animal Crossing fans woke up to a pleasant surprise to see that the mobile game was already downloadable. For those looking for a faithful adaptation of the popular series to the mobile platform, players are already voicing their approval of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with its familiar sights and sounds. It has a night and day system as well as tons of purchasable items to customize both your character and your RV living space.

However, there is a slight catch involved with the game that's available to download for both iOS and Android devices. The game might be out early, but some players have been reporting issues with the game's servers. It requires a constant Internet connection to work, but it's also a free-to-play game, so you can play it at your leisure without worrying about losing out on a purchase if you have spotty Internet access. You'll find a few microtransactions inside the game, but they appear to be relatively relaxed compared to other mobile games' economies. It adopts a "time-saver" version of microtransactions that other games have that'll allow you to speed up your progression for a couple of dollars.

The game is just now out for everybody, but certain players were able to access the game early depending on where you lived or how much effort you wanted to put into the process. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was already out in Australia prior to its early release today, but you could also get the game by making an Apple account with an Australian address or simply downloading the APK if you're an Android user.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is expected to receive continued updates with more content and features being added later on, so get ahead of the game by downloading the free game now that it's available for everyone.