Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update Celebrates the New Year Traditionally

(Photo: Nintendo)

After teasing a new update just before the holiday break, the team behind Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has updated the game with a new limited-time event to celebrate the Year of the Dog. With an adorable Zodiac Dog pillow and traditional Japanese clothing among the limited-edition items added to the game, there's plenty to do, if your style of mobile game involves fulfilling the needs of cartoon animals in order to earn their friendship.

The update adds a total of 10 new items to the Special Edition tab, where players still have the chance to build items in order to get K.K. Slider and Tom Nook added to their campsite roster. All of the items are themed to the year, so it's pretty easy to assume that this will be the only time players will be able to get these items. If updates continue through next year, they will likely be themed for 2019, the Year of the Pig. Nintendo's third entry into the mobile gaming market has been holding steady

Along with items that players can craft to decorate their campsites, new outfits and shoes are available, including a blue and grey haori set and a red kimono. Players can earn these pieces by reaching event goals, most of which involve crafting the event's items for your camp site. Players can earn cowntdown charms, which kind of serve as the event's primary crafting currency, by fulfilling requests from the game's various campers and reaching event milestone goals.

So far, the only promised update missing is one that involves crafting pieces of clothing for player avatars, but it's likely to come some time after the new year.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now for iOS and Android.