'Anthem' Gains 'Call of Duty,' 'Assassin's Creed' Composer

Every gamer knows that a solid soundtrack can absolutely take an adventure to an entirely new [...]

Every gamer knows that a solid soundtrack can absolutely take an adventure to an entirely new level of immersion. The musical stylings chosen for a title can make or break the experience and it's for that reason that we are very excited to see Assassin's Creed's composer make her way back into our hearts once more with BioWare's upcoming online title Anthem.

The team over at BioWare took to their blog to shout out the good word of Sarah Schachner joining their team with her unique musical talents that will make the science fiction adventure even greater. The crew couldn't be happier either. They mentioned, "her history of creating compelling scores for film and games make her particularly well-suited to bring Anthem'smusic to life. A multi-instrumentalist, Schachner's evocative time-travelling and intergalactic scores will create the perfect backdrop for rocketing around in a javelin and exploring Anthem's dangerous world."

Anthem releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22nd of next year. For more about the game itself according to BioWare:

"Team with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both combined effort and individual skill. Each player's choice of Javelin exosuit will shape their contribution and strategic role. As you explore, you will discover a gripping story filled with unique and memorable characters. Seamless and intelligent matchmaking will ensure you can quickly and easily find other players to adventure alongside."

Interested in learning even more about the game? You can check out our Anthem community hub right here for all of our previous coverage regarding the latest venture for BioWare. You can also check out the writer of this story's video below for her own hands on impressions of the game from her time playing the title during E3 of this year.

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You can even hear a sample of her musical touch with the Freelancer theme below courtesy of SoundCloud.