Anthem's New Halloween Event Is Now Live, Features Mass Effect Armor

Bioware has unleashed some brand new content for Anthem just in time for the Halloween season, and [...]

Bioware has unleashed some brand new content for Anthem just in time for the Halloween season, and they're calling it the Season of Skulls. The new themed content is available now, and while the map is similar to the Cataclysm, you will notice some big changes and modifiers, as well as inversions, which will change week to week and will offer different rewards. There will also be themed events in Freeplay, as you'll encounter themed Anomalies that will be focused on one particular faction. If you complete them you'll unlock a special boss event that will also change weekly and come with its own rewards. You might as well take on these challenges in style, and that's why we're thrilled to see some spiffy Mass Effect themed armor sets in the game now, which you can see below.

Fans of characters like Garrus, Liara, Wrex, Grunt, & Tali will be eager to sport some awesome Mass Effect Javelin skins, as there is a set themed after the Krogan, Asari, Quarian, and Turian races from Bioware's hit franchise (via Resetera and Anthem Archives). The Asari and Turian armors are incredibly well done, and I can't wait to take out my Colossus looking like a Krogan.

There's also a new set of armors based on the enemies of Anthem, and those are pretty slick as well. Other features of the new event are increased Legendary drop rates (an increase of 250%), a Legendary-only War Chest, and new data archives.

(Photo: Bioware)

You don't have to be at any certain level to start Season of Skulls, though you will have needed to complete the incursion so you can access the Echoes of Reality level.

You can find the official description for Season of Skulls below.

(Photo: Bioware)

"The Cataclysm may have been silenced, but the world of Anthem is still rife with dangers and horrors unknown. As a thick and ominous fog gathers among the trees and strange sounds echo in the distance, the people of Bastion gather together to rise up against the darkness with determination, defiance, and celebration. Fort Tarsis stands proud with towering bonfires, colorful banners, and the bones of its vanquished foes – a bastion of security amid the chaos. The Season of Skulls marks a change from the grim necessity of survival to the celebration of life and courage in the face of darkness. Are you ready to face your fears, Freelancer?

The Season of Skulls is a themed, season-long event that offers unique rewards and challenges for its duration – similar to the Cataclysm. In addition, a strange fog creeps over the land, luring deadly enemies out of the shadows."

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