Sony Reportedly Offering Refunds For 'Anthem' PS4 Owners No Questions Asked

It appears Sony Interactive Entertainment is offering refunds to Anthem owners, no questions asked.

Earlier today, an unhappy Anthem player took to the game's Reddit page to let off some steam about the crashing issues of BioWare's new looter-shooter. As you may know, many players across every system have been experiencing crashing when playing the game. More specifically, on PS4 and Xbox One, some portion of these same players have had issues where the game not only crashes, but completely shuts down their system. And because the shut down isn't done correctly, there's a chance each time it happens of the unit being damaged.

That said, apparently if you're on PS4, you can actually get a refund for the game. In the same Reddit post, another user pointed out that Sony is well aware of the issue, and thus is handing out refunds. Testing this person's claims, another Reddit user reached out to PlayStation Support, and tried to get a refund. And apparently not only did it work, but help support made no fuss at all about it.

As you may know, Sony doesn't do this often. It actually has a pretty strict digital return policy that it very rarely bends on. In fact, the last time I can think of this happening was with No Man's Sky, which players were able to return on the premise of false advertising.

Of course, Anthem isn't crashing in this fashion for everybody. Most people are having little to no problems with the game.

Anthem is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more coverage on the new online game from BioWare, click here. For what we think of the new title, check out our official review. Here's a snippet from it:

"Though at first glance BioWare's Anthem looks to be something totally different, its latest adventure does a phenomenal job at blending a new experience together while still retaining that familiar BioWare flavor when it comes to character depth and narrative design. Unfortunately, though it's enjoyable, that doesn't mean it's without flaw."



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