According to Math, Loot Doesn't Matter in 'Anthem'

One of the most controversial aspects of Anthem since launch has been its loot, and the grinding [...]

One of the most controversial aspects of Anthem since launch has been its loot, and the grinding that needs to be done in order to earn some of the game's best weapons and gear. Part of the game's loot issue was addressed yesterday with a new update that essentially made it easier for players to earn the game's top loot. That said, a new viral post on Reddit reveals that it may not even matter, because according to math, loot doesn't matter in Anthem.

In a post on Anthem's subreddit, user TermperHoof spent three days analyzing the game's power scaling system that was added with the most recent patch and revealed that "playing the game as intended will result in diminishing returns, worthless inscriptions, useless components, and pointless weapons." It's a bold claim from the Reddit user, but one that they back up with a lot of math.

According to TermperHoof (via Eurogamer), update 1.0.3 broke the game, because now all that really matters is Power Score, not items. What does this mean? Well, it means for whatever reason Anthem averages what you have equipped to your character that isn't level 1 and combines that number into a variable that then selects a random multiplier that's not related at all to the equipment you have.

So, basically you have an arbitrary multiplier that isn't related to your character's Power Level or Power Score, rather it's just a number on a chart.

"If you want to find out the arbitrary multiplier for your Power Level, simply remove all Damage Modifying gear and literally melee anything," said the Reddit user. "As long as your melee is 100 at level 1 (just put on a Default set to double check), take the Melee Damage Number you see and divide by 100, then divide by 7.466, and you'll get your Arbitrary Power Level Multiplier."

The Reddit user continued, explaining that they found the multiplier at Power Level 75 was 22.622, which is game-breakingly high

"So high in fact that it will inadvertently overwrite inscriptions," said TermperHoof. "This means you're constantly playing a game of diminishing returns, and your true goal is to try and keep your Power Level higher than your Power Score."

In other words, it doesn't matter what weapon you use, as long as it comes packing the highest available Power Score. Inscriptions don't matter. If you decide to not use a weapon with a higher Power Score, and rather use a weapon that looks more powerful and has better inscriptions, your damage output will sink considerably.

"The weapon and its inscriptions no longer matter, it is just fundamentally more optimal to wear a total trash item that has a Power Score of 61 or 75, just because it can potentially double if not triple your overall Melee/Ultimate output due to the arbitrary modifier - quite possibly making either of those vastly more powerful than any weapon or ability in your arsenal," said the Reddit user.

Anyway, for more details and insight into the problem, which isn't a bug, but a design flaw, make sure to check out the entire post. But in short, decking out your Javelin with a ton of epic gear is actually bad, what you want to focus on is a Power Score as high as possible.

That said, after the thread went viral, Anthem community manager Jesse Anderson chimed in saying that a fix to this issue will be addressed in the next update for the game.

"Instead of using how many items you actually have equipped, the calculation will be done by how many slots you have unlocked," said Anderson. "This means at level 30, for example, your average Power Score will be divided by 11 even if you have empty weapon/gear/component slots."

Anthem is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more coverage on the looter-shooter, click here.

Source: Reddit via Eurogamer


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