Apex Legends Is Nerfing the Charge Rifle

If you’ve been abusing the Charge Rifle in Apex Legends ever since it was added at the start of Season 3, congratulations on obliterating enemies with your super-powered sniper rifle. If you haven’t been using the weapon but have only been on the receiving end of its might, you may want to consider making use of it while you still can. Respawn Entertainment has said that it’s planning on nerfing the weapon to bring it in line with other guns, so get those eliminations before that happens.

Over on the Trello board for Apex Legends (thanks, Dexerto) where players can see what developer are working on in the game, there’s a card in the “Quality of Life Features” column that foreshadows the impending Charge Rifle nerf. It doesn’t have much to say about the weapon other than claiming that the “Current charge rifle balance is not where it should be.” Changes are coming in a future update, the card said, but what those changes are can’t be said for sure yet.

Respawn first added the Charge Rifle as the new weapon for Season 3. It’s the second sniper rifle to use energy ammo with the first being the Triple Take, though this one does damage to players before the real power of the gun even takes effect. It shoots out a small beam of energy to do some damage to player before firing a charged shot that deals significant damage no matter what kind of armor you’ve found.

“This energy rifle/sniper takes a second to warm up and will do minor damage to players if you keep a bead on them before delivering a mighty blow to whomever is on the receiving end of it,” Respawn said in its Season 3 patch notes when the weapon was first added. “The Charge Rifle is part of the standard loot pool and can be found all over the map.”

New charge rifle is nasty from r/apexlegends

Since then, we’ve seen videos like the one above shared on Reddit, Twitter, and other forums as players said that the weapon just might be a bit too strong. It seems that Respawn now agrees.

Apex Legends’ Charge Rifle will be nerfed in a future update, so keep an eye out for the official patch notes coming for whatever patch that might be to see what the post-nerf fate of the gun will be.