Apex Legends Mobile Reveals First Exclusive Legend's Abilities

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment revealed Fade on Monday, a new character preparing to join the Apex Games. Like the other Legends, Fade's got his own set of unique abilities to set him apart from other characters and to offer unique answers to combat situations, but he's got one defining trait that sets him apart even more. Fade will only be available in Apex Legends Mobile which makes him the first Legend exclusive to the mobile version of the game.

Fade was hinted at in some of the teasers for Apex Legends Mobile's launch as was the topic of mobile-exclusive content overall. A press preview of Apex Legends Mobile and Fade prior to his reveal and the launch of the mobile game revealed Fade's abilities which can be seen in full below.

Fade's Abilities

  • Slipstream: You can gain a short movement speed boost at the end of the slide (cooldown: 10 seconds)
  • Flash Back: Go back to where you were a while ago from the Void (cooldown: 20 seconds)
  • Phase Chamber: Release a phase cage to send all Legends within range into the Void (cooldown: 90 seconds)

That last ability's description is a bit cryptic, but its usage in Apex Legends Mobile is a bit more straightforward. The ultimate consists of Fade tossing out a device which creates a dome that sends players to the Void which makes it so that they can't receive or deal damage.

For those keen on the lore surrounding different Legends, Fade's real name is Ignacio Huamani. He comes from the planet Solace and uses Phase tech as well as the simulacrum suit he wears to avenge his fallen family.

When asked during the press event if there were plans to bring Fade to Apex Legends on consoles and the PC platform in the future, Respawn Entertainment said there were no plans to do so and that the character would stay in the mobile version of the game.

With Fade now revealed, we've gotten a confirmation of our final known Legend who'll be added to Apex Legends Mobile. The other characters who'll be playable are Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith.

Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled to release on May 17th.