Apex Legends Mobile Gets Release Window, Pre-Registrations Opened

Apex Legends Mobile just recently went live for a limited launch in certain regions, but come this summer, many more people will be able to play the new mobile version of the acclaimed battle royale game. Electronic Arts announced this week that it intends to have a "full launch this summer" with pre-registrations open now for those who want to go ahead and sign up for the opportunity to play when the game's available. Those signups are only available for the Google Play platform right now, however, with Electronic Arts saying that the game is "coming soon" for iOS systems.

The trailer below was released this week alongside the updated site for Apex Legends Mobile which included the latest information about release plans, pre-registration opportunities, and more. For those who've been following along with Apex Legends Mobile since the game was announced and throughout the course of its various tests, much of the information there may already be known.

Some new bits of info, however, include the prospect of rewards for those who pre-register. Pre-registration rewards are a pretty popular trend for mobile games to attract interest before the games launch, and the same is happening with Apex Legends Mobile.

"Apex Legends is all about celebrating its community and rewarding your dedication," the Apex Legends Mobile site said. "The more the merrier: literally! As we hit pre-registration targets, we'll offer bigger and bigger rewards to players who join the mobile game. Invite your friends to pre-register with you and get ready to squad up at launch. "

At the time this is being written, a total of 7,577,496 players have pre-registered for Apex Legends Mobile which means they've already earned almost all of the rewards listed on the site. Those include a Founder's Badge, a Banner Frame and a Banner Pose for Bloodhound, and an Epic skin for the R-99. The last reward to be earned is an Epic Bloodhound skin available at 10,000,000 pre-registrations, though with how quickly the signups have accumulated, it wouldn't be unexpected to see more rewards added in the future. The counter updates every seven days, so it's likely already far ahead of what it currently reads.

Down towards the bottom of the site, we have an FAQ talking about all the finer details of Apex Legends Mobile. You'll see the summer release window confirmed there along with answers to other questions you may have.