Apex Legends Players Surprised with Return of Olympus

Apex Legends' Sun Squad Collection Event went live just as expected on Tuesday, but Apex players got another surprise: the return of Olympus. The small, futuristic city map suddenly popped back up in the map rotation this week alongside the release of the Collection Event with the map seemingly replacing World's Edge. Nobody's quite sure why the map's made a return right now as opposed to any other time in the season, but players seem pleased to get some variety into the rotation and to see a map (a favorite map, to some) be playable if only for a while.

The return of Olympus was quickly acknowledged on social media soon after the Sun Squad event went live. Nowhere in the patch notes for this week's update is there any mention of Olympus nor is the map referenced in the breakdown of what to expect from the Collection Event, but Olympus is indeed back in the rotation for however long this might last. What's more, Olympus is currently the featured map for today's ranked playlist, too.

Tuesday was supposed to feature World's Edge as the ranked map which is why people have come to the conclusion that Olympus is replacing the game's second map if only for today, though it's unclear how long this is going to last. We've reached out to inquire as to why Olympus made a return now and about how long it'll stick around and will update the story accordingly if we get an answer.

Olympus has long been removed from the game's ranked rotation, so players may be a bit rusty hopping back into its slick, bright POIs today. The map was playable last season, so it's not too foreign to those who maybe picked up Apex later on or skipped a season or two, but it hasn't been in the ranked rotation for quite a while now.

The current ranked rotation has Olympus cycling out of the map pool on Wednesday at the same time ranked maps always switch out, so we'll see in a few days if Olympus sticks around or if World's Edge reclaims its spot.