Apex Legends Update Buffs Ash Just in Time for New Heirloom

Apex Legends' next Heirloom is going to Ash, and wouldn't you know it, the next update the game's getting is also buffing the same Legend. Respawn Entertainment confirmed the plans to buff Ash within the brief set of patch notes associated with the Sun Squad Collection Event, the same event that's adding swimsuit skins for Loba, Newcastle, and many more. Ash is the sole Legend getting buffed in this update, and while only one of her abilities is getting adjusted, it amounts to a pretty sizeable buff that should pair nicely with whatever increased interest her Heirloom generates. 

Ash's buffs pertain to her Tactical ability, the Arc Snare. The most important parts of the ability including its cooldown and the speed at which it travels have been buffed with the latter being buffed so much that the Arc Snare will soon travel almost twice as fast. Those changes outlined below are scheduled to be released on March 28th alongside the event itself.

Ash – Arc Snare

  • Cooldown decreased from 25s to 20s
  • Travel speed increased from 700 to 1200
  • Tether activation delay and snare grow time decreased by about 50% (The Arc Snare will more reliably hit intended targets)

It is quite convenient for Ash players that the buffs came at the same time as the Heirloom, and conspiracy theorists will say that this buff was intentional to push players towards Ash's Heirloom (there's probably some truth to that, though), this was a buff Ashe probably needed anyway. While her Arc Snare was problematic if it did hit you, her throwing it at anything beyond a medium distance -- especially if it was thrown in an open area -- meant that players had all the time in the world to dodge it. The increased projectile speed and its lowered cooldown will perhaps make the ability a bit more of a threat.

The Heirloom in question is a pair of nunchucks dressed up with extra blades and an electric aesthetic. The melee weapon is called the "Strongest Link," and like other Heirlooms, you'll have to pay or craft your way through this Collection Event by obtaining all 24 of the event's items if you want it to be yours. This is the same Heirloom which was previously hyped up to be one of the best ones in the game, but as always, players have varying opinions about it.

Ash's Heirloom and the rest of the Sun Squad Collection Event will be live on March 28th.