Apex Legends Teases Long-Awaited Swimsuit Skins


Apex Legends may finally be adding swimsuit skins to the game, an addition that would finally fulfill one of the long-running requests with the community. Players have requested these skins for a long time now, sometimes jokingly and sometimes serious, and the response to Apex's tweet about the topic proves that there's definitely an interest in these skins even if it's an interest fueled in part by memes. No word has been provided yet on which Legends might be getting the swimsuit skins, though Respawn Entertainment said (assuming this isn't all one big joke) that we'll learn more about the plans for these cosmetics on Thursday.

Respawn tweeted about the "the swimsuit skin" on Wednesday and asked players to help the post get to 10,000 likes, and if that happened, the skin would be added to the game. Apex players accepted the challenge and completed the task within 10 minutes. The Apex Twitter account responded by joking that the goal should've been 100,000 likes since 10,000 was hit so quickly, but since the goal was accomplished, the devs teased "see you tomorrow."

The tweets didn't specify what, exactly, "the swimsuit skin" is, but if you've been around Apex for a while, you'll already know that the tweet is almost 100% a Loba reference. She's been the Legend that's been the focus of conversations about these kinds of skins, but those requests have naturally grown to include players asking for skins for other Legends, too. Leaks in recent weeks have fueled rumors of these kinds of skins actually coming to fruition, and thanks to Respawn's latest tweets, it looks like we may actually see those added to the game soon enough. 

How they'll be implemented is another question, however. Apex just wrapped another Collection Event, so while there's always the chance these skins could fill out another Collection Event like the ones seen in recent weeks, it's just as likely these skins will be added to the shop as direct purchases seeing how they'll likely be pretty popular.