Apex Legends May Soon Make Big and Unexpected Gameplay Change

Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One, and PC may soon make a big and unexpected gameplay change, or at least that's what a new leak seems to suggest. More specifically, it looks like Respawn Entertainment may soon make the game third-person for a limited-time mode, something that has been rumored in the past. For those that don't know: Apex Legends is set in first-person, meaning you see what the character sees. However, most popular battle royale games are third-person, meaning you see over-the-shoulder or behind the character. Typically, third-person shooters are more popular than first-person shooters, so it would make sense Respawn would be interested in catering to fans who want to at least try the game in third-person.

As you may know, there's already a third-person mode easter egg in the game's Firing Range. Basically, following a set of steps leads to the camera shifting from first-person to third-person. Again, this is nothing more than an easter egg, or at least that's how it seems on the surface.

Prominent Apex Legends dataminer That1MiningGuy has discovered some new game files that appear to suggest a third-person mode is in development, presumably for a limited-time mode. Below, you can see the evidence the dataminer unearthed:

Of course, for now this is nothing more than speculation, so take the conclusions with a huge grain of salt, but it certainly has the game's community buzzing.


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